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If you’re looking for the goods to perfect your face, you’ve come to the right place! They don’t call me The Botox Dealer for no reason. Whether you’re looking to plump your pout with lip filler, fill in fine lines, or freeze your face, I can help you get your fix!

  • Bunnies are cute—the lines named after them, not so much!

  • Say “see ya!” to fine lines formed by years of squinting!

  • Neurotoxin injections can reduce the appearance of a gummy smile.

  • Fuller lips without fillers? It’s possible!

  • TMJ, teeth grinding, involuntary clenching? Botox can help!

  • Let me freeze your face with a wave of my magic syringe!

  • Tighten up the lines in your neck with a little ‘Tox!

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