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Tighten up the lines in your neck with a little ‘Tox!


The platysmal bands are the two strips of muscles that run vertically down both sides of the neck. With aging, they become more easily visible. Increased appearance of the platysmal bands is caused by contractions of the platysma (a superficial muscle layer that covers most of the neck, bottom of the face, and extends to the top of the deltoid and pectoralis). It’s a huge muscle, and is constantly working! Though often caused by sagging skin as a result of lost muscle tone over the years, I can help reduce the appearance of the platysmal bands and by injecting neurotoxin into the muscles. This relaxes them, preventing them from contracting as frequently. This causes the skin to appear smoother and youthful. Requiring about 30-40 minutes in my chair and minimal pain, you’ll see the results of this treatment in 1-2 weeks. Results usually last 3-6 months.

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